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Summer tips!

Dear all, summer is here: the best season of the year will start next week! Make sure you are ready to welcome it. Today I would like to share with you some tips that I am following since a while but the effects are already visible!

  1. Drink at least 1.5 l of water daily: I know it’s not easy but I can guarantee that the problem it’s only at the beginning. After the first days you will get used to it and you will miss water. We all know the benefit of water and in particular in summer we should drink even more;

  2. Drink some bicarbonate of soda: what I do is add half tsp to 500ml of water. It is proven that bicarbonate of soda boost your body’s health by maintaining proper ph levels. It is a great help also to treat indigestion and heartburn. You can also use for many more uses (add it to your bath, scrub your feet, clean the house!). Just remember to read well any side effect it might occur and if there are any restrictions by using bicarbonate (remember it is sodium!). You can click here for more information;

  3. Eat plenty of raw veggies: I would suggest green leafy and red/orange vegetables (tomatoes, carrots). The green veggies are a rich source of minerals and very low on calories; the red ones will help you with your tan;

  4. Go on holidays in a sunny place and stay outdoors as much as you can to avail of the benefits of the sun;

  5. Sleep as much as you can;

  6. Follow Silvia and Kitchen’s recipes!

Happy summer!

Keep your kitchen (and your life) healthy!

Hi all and happy 2014! Because we are at the beginning of the year I’d like to share some healthy tips with you so you can get the best from your cooking sessions! These are 3 basic RULES that everybody should follow when approaching any kitchen or any place where food is placed.

  1. SHOPPING TIME – when buying the food ALWAYS read the label: check where the products are from and which ingredients are in them. Always prefer fresh food, which comes from local sources especially if you are fresh food. I am not saying to buy organic all the time but when possible you should go for it! Buying good quality food doesn’t mean buying the most expensive. When it comes to the stuff we are going to eat we should really not put the price at the first place!

  2. THE FRIDGE – the fridge is the favourite place where bacteria can develop so it is important you keep it in order and clean. Place the vegetables and the fruits on the bottom; meat and fish should be removed from their original package and placed in a plastic box. Then they should be stored on the lower level to avoid any juice coming from your steak goes into any other food. We all know the risks of dealing with raw meat and raw fish! Wash the eggs before storing them in the fridge. To clean it, use a solution made with white vinegar and soda bicarbonate: totally natural, totally perfect and your fridge will be ready to store your foods. To prevent any bad smell put some coffee powder into a small cup and leave it in fridge: no more smells (actully a lovely perfume of coffee).

  3. SPONGES AND CLOTHES – make sure all the tools to clean the kitchen ARE clean. If not you will keep spreading bacteria all over. To keep your sponges perfect leave them all night in a solution based of boiling water, little bleach (roughly 1 tbsp) and soda bicarbonate. The day after they will be brilliant!

Feel free to share any suggestions or tips you might have about kitchen hygiene: remeber this is the first step to stay healthy and therefore having a better life.

Lazy lunch

As usual on Sunday I woke up late in a very lazy mood. Well didn’t know what to eat so I decided to prepare crumbled eggs with carrots and mozzarella: 10 minutes to cook and 2 mins to eat them! It’s the perfect for hangovers! :o)